To celebrate the launch of our very first online course with Julia Samuel, we’re making ALL of her previous Good Grief talks available to watch on-demand for FREE from now until 09:00 on Thursday, June 10th.

Julia is the UK’s leading psychotherapist specialising in grief. She has authored two bestselling books on the subject – Grief Works and This Too Shall Pass – and recently launched her own podcast on Living Losses.

From this June, Julia will guide us through her Pillars of Strength programme. This online course is a roadmap for dealing with all kinds of grief and loss – whether someone you love has died, or you are dealing with a living loss like the end of a relationship, losing your job or a health crisis.

Developed through years of client work and research, Julia’s Pillars of Strength will help you to survive, and even thrive, through life’s inevitable highs and lows.




Am I Grieving Right?

There is no one correct way to grieve, with as many ways to express grief as there are bereaved people. During this event, a panel of grief experts comes together to bust some classic myths surrounding grief, seeking to enlighten us in the process.

Ask Julia – The Death of a Child

Julia Samuel discusses the most profound loss of all – the death of a child. For the first half of this session, Julia explores the grief experienced by bereaved parents and in the second half, she invites questions from the audience.

Ask Julia – The Death of a Parent

Losing a parent, at any age, is a life changing event. In this session, Julia explores the grief we experience when a parent dies and the long-term impact that can have on the children who are left behind.

Ask Julia – The Death of a Sibling

The death of a sibling, at any age, is a profound and life-changing loss. In this session Julia Samuel explores the grief associated with sibling loss and how we can better support the brothers and sisters who are left behind.

Ask Julia – The Death of a Partner

“Sometimes, only one person is missing, and the whole world feels depopulated.” Alphonse De Lamartine

The Guilt Monster

One thing that is almost as inevitable as death is the guilt we experience after the death of a loved one. Could we have done something differently, or more often? Could we have devoted more quality time to them? Is there something we wish we’d said or done…or not said or done?

Regrets can be hidden away in shame and can fester, sometimes holding us back for years following the death of a loved one. In this enlightening discussion, Julia Samual MBE seeks to demystify the role that guilt plays in bereavement. She will offer her expert insight, wisdom and compassion to those who are struggling with guilt in grief.

Grief After a Sudden Death

Julia Samuel’s hugely popular events at Good Grief 2020 led to a series of successful Ask Julia events this year. We were thrilled to welcome Julia back for this special session in which we explored a specific and difficult type of grief: that which follows a sudden death.

When a loved one is ripped from us with little or no time to prepare, dealing with the aftermath can be unimaginably hard. With no warning, no time to say the things we could have and surrounded by the echoes of a shared life at every turn, moving forward can feel impossible. Such traumatic loss can change a person’s whole perspective of the world

Is This The Age of Grief?

People across the world appear to be surrounded by a pervasive sense of loss. Are we entering the Age of Grief?

Grief is a natural, essential and ubiquitous part of the human experience that manifests in different ways. Some grieve the loss of language or culture while others feel the collective grief of Covid-19. Many grieve for the huge injustices that occur around the world, while others grieve for the planet itself.

Grief School with Julia

In this Grief School session, Julia shares some of her favourite tools and practices for coping with grief.

Coping with Crisis + Grief

What is grief, and how can you support an individual and their family when someone they love dies?

Julia looks at the impact grief can have on all members of the family, including children. She introduces ways of coping with grief and crisis and offers insight into how you can help those experiencing bereavement.

Julia also looks at grief’s healing and transformative potential.

The Covid Cataclysm

Join our experts as they discuss what many people are trying to get to grips with during the pandemic: collective grief.

Along with Julia, we welcome Alex Evans and Ivor Williams of The Collective Psychology Project, the group behind This Too Shall Pass: Mourning collective loss in a time of Covid-19

Julia Samuel + Michael Rosen in Conversation

Join Julia and writer Michael Rosen as they discuss and explore important themes such as love, loss, grief, creativity and the connections between them all.

Creative Tools for Grief

In this must-see talk, Julia shares her creative toolkit for dealing with grief.