Evaluating the Festival’s reach and impact is incredibly important. Knowing a bit about who accessed the festival (and who didn’t) will enable us to develop Good Grief in the coming months and years to make sure that it serves the whole community. The feedback you provide will also help us secure funding for future events and activities.

Please complete this short evaluation form before you attend Good Grief Festival (27-28 March 2021).

During the festival, please use our Community Blackboard to tell us what you think, post photos, pictures or videos, start conversations about your experiences or festival sessions, and connect with everyone attending Good Grief.   

After you’ve finished attending the festival (whether one event or two days!), please complete this short feedback survey to capture some of your experiences and views and help inform future Good Grief events. You only need to complete it once, even if you attended multiple events. 

Thanks for being part of the Good Grief community.