A question of life and death

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Date: Thu Mar 23rd

Time: 12:02

Duration: 45 mins

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What have the past three years taught us about life and death? In a society that’s become increasingly uncomfortable talking about death, has the pandemic opened up new conversations and helped us to confront our discomfort?

What role does faith play in our relationship with death, and how can we reimagine places of faith and spirituality for those with religious beliefs and those without?

In this roundtable session, broadcaster Anneka Rice will be joined by faith leaders, researchers and philosophers to discuss these big questions.

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Featuring: Anneka Rice, Dr Kathryn Mannix, Jasvir Singh CBE, Reverend Cassius Francis, Ru Callender

This event is organised by Marie Curie for the National Day of Reflection. For event details and any questions about registrations, please see the organiser page