Collective Grief with Julia Samuel MBE

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Date: Thu Sep 15th

Time: 6:00 pm

Duration: 60 mins

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The recent death of Queen Elizabeth II has shaken many of us. A constant in our lives throughout her 70-year reign, her death brings home the inevitability of change and crisis. It also comes after more than two years of pandemic-related loss and at a time of great social and political turmoil and division.

Her loss could bring up powerful feelings of grief and powerlessness, as well as memories of previous bereavements. While grief will feel collective and shared for some, for others her death will raise difficult or complicated emotions, as the realities of imperialism and colonialism are highlighted.

In this webinar, Julia Samuel MBE will join Dr Lucy Selman to discuss the emotional fallout after someone in the public eye dies, the concept of collective grief, public mourning and healing.


Julia Samuel MBE

Dr Lucy Selman, c Artur Tixiliski

Dr Lucy Selman