David Baddiel – The God Desire

Date: Sat Mar 25th

Time: 12:30

Duration: 45 mins

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Join us for a conversation and Q&A with comedian, author, screenwriter, television presenter and Jewish activist David Baddiel. We will focus on his upcoming book The God Desire (HarperCollins, April 2023). In The God Desire, Baddiel admits that he would love there to be a God – a Superhero Dad who chased off Death – but argues that it is indeed the very intensity of his, and everyone else’s, desire for God to exist that proves his non-existence. This is a philosophical essay that utilises Baddiel’s trademarks of comedy, storytelling and personal asides for a timely new perspective on the most ancient of debates. Baddiel will be in conversation with Dr John Troyer, Associate Professor at the Centre for Death and Society, Bath University.

Praise for The God Desire

A hugely heartfelt, funny, kind, fascinating, human and clever book by an author who – like so many of us – can neither believe nor leave religion entirely alone. Puts its finger on a major dilemma of our time and provides solace, comfort and very helpful new perspectives. ALAIN DE BOTTON

Another one-sitting wonder. I love that David Baddiel takes a philosophical approach but avoids getting ensnared in too much eschatology and the dark metaphysical arts, instead swinging a superb logical light over this whole subject. He deploys it to make his own arguments honest as well as to reveal the weaknesses in the arguments of others. It’s magnificent. Breath-taking. And shockingly rare. I’m already desperate for the Third Pillar in the Temple of Baddiel. STEPHEN FRY

Photo credit: Steve Best / Xavicus Media

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David Baddiel

Facilitator, John Troyer

Dr John Troyer