Finding Hope + Meaning in Grief with David Kessler – Free In-Person Event (Bristol)

Date: Fri Mar 24th

Time: 18:00

Duration: 60 mins

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How do we find hope after someone we love dies? Is it possible to rebuild a meaningful life when bereavement has shattered our day-to-day routines and our cherished future plans?

David Kessler’s experience as a child witnessing a mass shooting while his mother was dying in a hospital helped him begin his journey. He now facilitates online groups for those experiencing grief as well as leading one of the most respected online grief certificate programs. He hosted his own limited series Spotify podcast, Healing with David Kessler.

He has written several influential books, including the classic On Grief and Grieving (co-authored with Elisabeth Kübler Ross) and the bestseller You Can Heal Your Heart: Finding Peace After a Breakup, Divorce and Death (co-authored with Louise L. Hay). His first book, The Needs of The Dying, received praise from Saint (Mother) Teresa. Despite his vast knowledge on grief, his life was turned upside down by the sudden death of his twenty-one-year-old son. It inspired him to write his latest book, Finding Meaning: The Sixth Stage of Grief, which journeys beyond the classic five stages to discover a sixth stage: meaning.

In this conversation with Dr Lesel Dawson, David will offer insights on how to cope with the death of someone we love, support ourselves when we are grieving, and find hope for the future.

This event will be hosted in the University of Bristol Humanities buildings. Register for more details. 


Dr Lesel Dawson

David Kessler

David Kessler