Financial Insecurity at the End of Life

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This event will be available to watch on-demand on the Marie Curie website on February 14th

Date: Tue Feb 1st

Time: 12:00 pm

Duration: 120 mins

One of the key themes of the new strategy is how to end financial insecurity at the end of life. Too many people still experience unacceptable living conditions towards the end of life as a result of poverty. We will hear about some of the drivers and impacts of fuel poverty among people living with terminal illnesses, and the policy recommendations that would help this. We will also hear about innovative work that has been done to bring to life the inequities that exist around being able to die at home in a way that meets the person’s preferences and support needs.

This session will include the following presentations:

The vicious cycle of fuel poverty and terminal illness
Craig Harrison (Policy Manager Northern Ireland, Marie Curie)
Mark Jackson (Policy Manager England, Marie Curie)

Dying in the Margins: A photovoice project investigating the reasons for unequal access to home dying for people experiencing financial hardship
Dr Sam Quinn (University of Glasgow)

Abstract presentations on mixed themes. 


Craig Harrison

Mark Jackson

Bianca Tétrault

Colette Hawkins

Danielle Just

Sarah Stanley

Kay Lakin

Sabine Best

Sam Quinn

Nicola White

Bella Vivat