Facing Your Fear of Death (So You Can Live!) – May 27th 19:00-20:00

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Date: Thu May 27th

Time: 19:00

Duration: 60 mins

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Hot on the heels of their new book We All Know How this Ends, we’re delighted to welcome end-of-life doula Anna Lyons and progressive funeral director Louise Winter (AKA Life.Death.Whatever) to teach us how and why we all need to think about death in a radically different way.

In this free session, Anna and Louise will show that facing our fear of death can be the gateway to a richer, more expansive and happier existence in the here and now.  

What would our society and culture look like if we embraced death and dying as part of life and living? Would we be kinder and more compassionate individuals? 

Anna Lyons is an end-of-life doula and Louise Winter is a progressive funeral director. Together they are the team behind Life. Death. Whatever. Their joint mission is to redesign the dialogue around death and dying, and as a result, shift people’s ideas of life, living, illness, funerals and grief. Ultimately, they believe this will provide you with a more empowered approach to whatever you’re going through. They believe that death is a normal part of life and dying is part of living. Acknowledging and accepting that one day we will die is fundamental to living a full life.

This session will be recorded and later be available on The Grief Channel. This session has a limited capacity.