Family Portraits: How Families Are Transformed by Grief (LIVE)

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Date: Sat Dec 3rd

Time: 15:00

Duration: 60 mins

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Like any good band, no family is ever the same after one of its original members is gone. The death of a loved one can rip the fabric of a family apart, weaving it back together again in a completely new way. The ripples of their death extend far and wide but it is in the immediate circle of friends and family that those ripples are felt as tidal waves: a force of nature with the ability to destroy and create.

We will explore the ways in which families are transformed by death, hearing from Arifa Akbar, the Guardian theatre critic and author of her memoir about illness, grief and art titled Consumed: A Sister’s Story, Gavanndra Hodge, author of The Consequences of Love, a story of loss and recovery, trauma and memory following the death of her sister at a young age and Cathy Rentzenbrink, acclaimed memoirist and author of The Last Act of Love and Dear Reader. This panel will be facilitated by Dr Lesel Dawson from Good Grief Festival’s creative team.

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Dr Lesel Dawson

Facilitator Cathy Rentzenbrick

Cathy Rentzenbrink

Arifa Akbar

Gavanndra Hodge