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In these informal Grief Chats, we bring together two people who have experienced a similar kind of grief. In this Chat, we talk to two women who are each working through the grief of losing a loved one while living with a learning disability.
Michelle is Co-Chair of the Thera Trust board and she brings her lived experience of learning disability to the role as well as her experience of supporting adults with a mild to moderate learning disability. Michelle joins us to share her experience after her partner of 10 years died. 
Pat Charlesworth has worked throughout her life to support the rights of people with learning disabilities with organisations such as the National Network for Palliative Care for People with a Learning Disability, Hackney People First and the Foundation for People with a Learning Disability. Pat joins us to share her experience after her parents died.
This session is facilitated by Dr Noelle Blackman, chief executive of Respond where she develops staff training and psychotherapy services for people with learning disabilities and or autism who have experienced abuse and trauma.

This event will be available to watch here on-demand from 09:00 on October 29th to 20:00 on October 31st. 


Michelle McDermott

Patricia Charlesworth

Dr Noelle Blackman