Good Grief Event

Music, grief and healing around the world

The Language of Loss: Poetry, Storytelling and Music

Date: 2020-11-01

Time: 6:00 pm

Duration: 60 mins

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Welcome to Good Grief’s online spoken word and performance event featuring poetry, storytelling and music.

Join established and emerging poets and musicians including Brook Tate, Josie Alford, Vanessa Kisuule and Solomon O.B in this rare opportunity to both mourn and celebrate all that has been and all that is to arrive. The evening will be curated by poet, performer and writer, Rebecca Tantony.

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Facilitator Rebecca Tantony Spoken Word image

Rebecca Tantony

Facilitator Vanessa Kisuule, Good Grief

Vanessa Kisuule

Facilitator Solomon OB, Good Grief Bristol

Solomon O.B

Facilitator Josie Alford, Good Grief Bristol

Josie Alford

Facilitator Brook Tate, Good Grief Bristol

Brook Tate