Good Grief Event

The Last Act of Love with Cathy Rentzenbrink

Date: 2020-05-17

Time: 4:00 pm

Duration: 45 mins

Venue: Colston Hall (Foyer)

Ticket Price: 8.00

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Cathy Rentzenbrink is the author of the raw and brutally honest book, The Last Act of Love: The Story of My Brother and His Sister. In 1990, Cathy’s brother Matty was knocked down by a car and suffered serious head injuries which left him in a permanent vegetative state. The family looked after, fed and loved Matty for years, but the realisation dawned that it might be kinder to let him go.

During this conversation with Dr Lesel Dawson, University of Bristol, Cathy will read and discuss excerpts from her book. She’ll explore how grief affected her, and how writing about it has aided the process.

Ultimately, this is a story of unconditional love that will resonate with anyone who has lost a loved one, or who is wondering if extending someone’s life might be more painful than letting go. Cathy will be available for book signings directly afterwards.

“Life is cruel and oblivious, but it can contain much happiness too. And though it seems odd to call a book about loss uplifting, it really is. This is a book you would want to re-read, during a tough time, to make you feel less alone.” The Guardian 


Facilitator Cathy Rentzenbrick

Cathy Rentzenbrink

Facilitator Dr Lesel Dawson

Dr Lesel Dawson