The Secrets + Lies We Leave Behind with Julia Samuel

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This event will be available to view from 09:00 - 18:00 UK TIME on Saturday, December 3rd.

Losing someone you love is hard enough, but what happens if you then uncover things about them and their lives that change the way you view them?

Secrets and lies are often uncovered after someone has died. Things that were hidden away for a lifetime can resurface in ways that profoundly affect those left behind.

In this very special event, psychotherapist Julia Samuel MBE speaks to guests Alex Renton and Arifa Akbar about the secrets they uncovered about their families posthumously.

Alex is the author of Blood Legacy: Reckoning with a Family’s Story of Slavery. Theatre critic Arifa’s book, Consumed, speaks of her sister’s death and what came to light in its aftermath.

This event is a pre-recorded session from a previous Good Grief Festival event.

There is no live Q+A for this event.

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Alex Renton

Arifa Akbar

Julia Samuel MBE