Yoga to Explore Emotions (Sunday)

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Date: Sun Oct 31st

Time: 13:00

Duration: 60 mins mins

Join this online yoga class from the comfort of your own home. Stress and grief are often held in the body. In these sessions, experienced yoga teacher Pip Roberts will use breathing, gentle movements and rest to allow your physical and emotional tensions to release.

Many of us can feel overwhelmed and numb with grief. This is a gentle session, during which you can feel totally free to pause at any time.

Pip is founder of Now Yoga Studio (Bristol). Pip will be joined by Laura Taylor, Bristol-based sound therapist and yoga guide, for this exploration into the felt senses as we move and breathe and ‘be’ with whatever is there within our skin and lungs. Expect to take some time to feel your way into fuller breathing, practicing slow movements then relaxing into a deep rest to finish.



Pip Roberts, yoga for grief

Pip Roberts

Laura Taylor