Adam Allsuch Boardman is an illustrator, writer and animator based in the UK with a playful use of colour and composition.

Adam’s illustrative study An Illustrated History of Ghosts takes us through the history and culture of ghosts.

“Through the decades, investigators and mediums have dedicated themselves to the task of reaching through the veil and contacting the other side. Whether ghosts are the souls of the dead, windows in time or interdimensional beings, cultures through the ages have responded with fear and fascination to their horrific haunts and eerie appearances.”

Adam’s clients have included Apple, Scriberia, Nobrow Press, The Hyde Park Picture House, Deloitte, The Science and Media Museum, Facebook, The UK Cabinet Office and plenty more.

When not drawing, Adam is typically watching Star Trek.


Sat 29th Oct - 16:15

Grief: A Ghost Story (LIVE EVENT)