Bruce Mason is a senior research fellow in the Primary Palliative Care Research Group at the University of Edinburgh.

He has been working on issues around providing palliative and anticipatory (advance) care planning since 2008 on a variety of influential projects. Findings from these projects have informed Scottish Government palliative and end-of-life care policy and been widely published in high-impact journals. In particular, he has been the lead researcher in the development of AnticiPal: a screening program for palliative and anticipatory care needs using primary care data.

Bruce’s academic background is in ethnography and qualitative research using both offline and online methods. He has published a range of methodological articles in qualitative research and co-authored the book “Hypermedia for Qualitative Research” and was an early adopter of the use of social media in academic research.

Bruce is currently working with Dr Kirsty Boyd and a commercial partner (Albasoft) to implement “Four Actions Care Planning” (4ACP) across 4 health boards in Scotland in a project funded by Marie Curie. The aim of 4ACP is to combine screening using AnticiPal with a communication toolkit developed by Dr Boyd and NHS (Scotland) Inform to streamline and enhance anticipatory care planning.


Fri 10th Feb - 11:00 am

Physical Health and Well-Being at the End of Life