Facilitator Cathy Rentzenbrick

Cathy Rentzenbrink is an acclaimed memoirist whose books include The Last Act of Love and Dear Reader. In 2021 she published her first novel Everyone is Still Alive. Her book about how to write a memoir is called Write It All Down and is out now. Cathy regularly chairs literary events, interviews authors, reviews books, runs creative writing courses and speaks and writes on life, death, love, and literature.

Despite being shortlisted for various prizes, the only thing Cathy has ever won is the Snaith and District Ladies’ Darts Championship when she was 17. She is now sadly out of practice.


Sat 3rd Dec - 15:00

Family Portraits: How Families Are Transformed by Grief (LIVE)

Thu 1st Jan -

Musa Okwonga + Cathy Rentzenbrink: In The End, It Was All About Love

Sat 3rd Dec - 09:00

What Harry Potter Teaches us about Grief