Deborah came to work in the field of Breathwork through the fire of her own experience. After a time as a martial artist and following a career in the Royal Navy, she found herself stuck in depression, chronic fatigue and anxiety with other trauma-related symptoms.

After many years, Deborah found Trauma and Tension Release Exercises (TRE), shaking and then Breathwork, which together with the kindness, compassion and safe holding of her own teachers, was so profoundly healing that she knew she had to train in these modalities.

For the last six years, Deborah has been offering to clients what worked, and continues to work for her. It’s mainly about presence, kindness and trusting in the body’s ability to come home again. TRE and Breathwork allow the body to do this, because they are our innate ways to come home: the body wants to shake and breathe itself back to balance.


Sun 31st Oct - 11:00 am

Breathwork for Grief