Dr Lucy Selman, c Artur Tixiliski

Dr Lucy Selman is the founding director of Good Grief Festival.

The vision for the festival arose out of her professional interests and personal experience: her father died of cancer when she was 15, and she went on to become a researcher specialising in palliative and end of life care. Her second daughter was stillborn in 2018. Good Grief was inspired by this loss, and her belief that through sharing experiences and knowledge we can find solace and support.

Lucy is an Associate Professor in the School of Population Health Sciences, University of Bristol. Her research and publications over the past 16 years have mainly focused on psychosocial and spiritual aspects of the illness experience; decision-making and communication; family care-giving and bereavement; and widening access to services.

Together with Dr Emily Harrop at Cardiff University, Lucy is currently leading a national study of bereavement during the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact on bereavement services. To learn more about the study, visit the Covid Bereavement website. Some of Lucy’s research papers on bereavement during the pandemic are listed below. All are open access.

Image (c) Artur Tixiliski


Sat 29th Oct - 5:30 pm

Continuing Bonds: The Model + How it Applies with Dr Edith Steffen (LIVE EVENT)

Thu 15th Sep - 6:00 pm

Collective Grief with Julia Samuel MBE

Fri 6th May - 12:00 pm

These Four Walls: Grief in The Pandemic – Premiere

Sat 30th Oct - 11:30 am

Seeing Red: The Role of Anger in Grief with Julia Samuel

Sun 31st Oct - 9:00 am

Serious Illness: Grieving for a Life Interrupted

Thu 9th Sep - 7:00 pm

Pillar 4 – Time

Thu 7th Oct - 7:00 pm

Pillars 6 + 7 – Limits + Structure

Thu 4th Nov - 7:00 pm

Pillar 9 – Integration (4 November)

Thu 1st Jan -

The Pandemic Papers: Rachel Clarke on Fear, Courage + Crisis in the NHS

Thu 1st Jan -

Julia Samuel: Grief After a Sudden Death

Thu 1st Jan -

Grief School: Stillbirth

Thu 1st Jan -

The Dual Process Model of Grief