Dr Nathan Davies is Associate Professor of Ageing and Applied Health Research, and Deputy Director of Centre for Ageing Population Studies at University College London. He has particular interests in palliative care, ageing, dementia, clinical decision making, unmet complex needs (such as eating and drinking difficulties) and eHealth. 

Dr Davies’ work developing a decision aid for people with dementia during Covid-19 was implemented in national NHS England guidance. Dr Davies and his team won the Alzheimer’s Society, Dementia Hero award for research in 2021 in recognition of this Covid-19 work.

His other work has included, a decision aid for end of life care in dementia, and a set of rules-of-thumb for practitioners making end of life care decisions for people with dementia. The rules of thumb have been successfully implemented in UK NHS hospitals, general practices, hospices, care homes, and has been used to inform local guidelines, policy documents and professional training.


Thu 9th Feb - 1:30 pm

A spotlight On: End of life care for people with neurological conditions (dementia and motor neurone disease)