Dr Sally Wheelwright is a research psychologist with over 100 peer reviewed publications. She has been a Senior Research Fellow at Sussex Health Outcomes Research and Education in Cancer (SHORE-C) at Brighton and Sussex Medical School since October 2021.

Previously Sally was at the University of Southampton, first in the Faculty of Medicine from 2010 and then, from 2017, in the Macmillan Survivorship Research Group in Health Sciences. Her current research interests centre round supporting self-management of nutritional care in people with cancer and long-term conditions, along with quality of life assessment, health literacy and developing digital interventions. Her first degree was in Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge and her PhD, from the University of Southampton, focused on cancer cachexia.


Thu 9th Feb - 1:30 pm

A spotlight On: End of life care for people with neurological conditions (dementia and motor neurone disease)