Eleanor Wilson is a qualitative researcher in the Nottingham Centre for the Advancement of Research in supportive, palliative, and End of life care (NCARE) at the University of Nottingham, with a background in Medical Social Anthropology.

She has worked on a range of projects focusing on palliative and end of life care investigating patient and family experiences of illness, staff roles and service evaluations. A key element of Eleanor’s work focuses on the provision of care for those affected by neurological conditions and she specialises in adapting qualitative methods to include those with impaired communication. She has been awarded a University of Nottingham Anne McLaren Research Fellowship.

The Fellowship study explores end of life decision making for those using ventilation for Motor Neurone Disease (MND) (VentMND study). It is one element of this work that will be presented at the conference. A further study runs alongside this to understand living with tracheostomy ventilation for MND (TVLife study), funded by the Motor Neurone Disease Association.


Thu 9th Feb - 1:30 pm

A spotlight On: End of life care for people with neurological conditions (dementia and motor neurone disease)