Felicity Dewhurst is an NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer in the Population Health Sciences Institute at Newcastle University and a Consultant at St Oswald’s Hospice in Newcastle.

Felicity’s postgraduate qualifications include an original research MD and a Masters’ in Health Professions Education. She has received research grants from NIHR, the Dunhill Foundation and the Royal College of Physicians, and research prizes from both Marie Curie and the British Geriatric Society.

Her research interests include promoting equity in palliative care particularly in relation to frailty, multimorbidity, non-malignant disease and ethnic minority groups. She is passionate about trying to improve care through education and service modification. Felicity has previously been a Co-Chair of North East Palliative Registrars Research Alliance (NEPRRA) and is now a supporting consultant. She is on the steering Committee of the UK Palliative Trainees Research Collaborative (UKPRC), the Education Committee of the Association of Palliative Medicine (APM) and the organising committee for the Palliative Care Congress 2021 and 2022.

Felicity previously trained in Geriatric Medicine and has worked in Borneo, Namibia and Tanzania.


Fri 4th Feb - 12:00 pm

Challenging Inequity in Palliative and End of Life Care