Freya Bromley is a writer, wild swimmer and podcaster. She lives in London. Her memoir, The Tidal Year (out in May 2023) charts a journey of desires, losses and longing as Freya swims every tidal pool in mainland Britain after her brother’s death.

On her podcast, also called The Tidal Year, Freya discovers the human stories behind why we swim. Previous guests include Jessica J. Lee, author of Turning and Two Trees Makes a Forest, Cathy Rentzenbrink, and Nathaniel Cole of Swim Dem Crew.

Freya is currently studying on the Creative Writing Master of Studies at Cambridge University and has contributed to Lonely Planet’s The Joy of Wild Swimming: 60 Travel Experiences to Uplift and Inspire (March 2023).

Praise for Freya’s memoir, The Tidal Year:

Candid and vulnerable, Bromley is a writer who notices the details: the ways unimaginable pain remains in the body and the ways we can steady ourselves again— through friendship, land, and cold salt water. JESSICA J. LEE

A heart-rending depiction of a young woman growing through grief and the healing, restorative power of nature. NICK BRADLEY

Photo credit: Liz Seabrook


Sat 25th Mar - 14:00

The Waves of Grief: Finding Solace in the Sea