Katarzyna (Kasia) Patynowska is a Practice Development Facilitator and a Research Nurse in Marie Curie. Her interests focus on staff education and support, workplace culture and its impact on individuals and practice. She joined the charity 11 years ago as a Registered Nurse and then Senior Nurse, working across various services and teams, before moving to the role in training and education in 2017. She supported newly employed community based clinical staff for a number of years, but it was the recent experience during the pandemic which inspired her to undertake the first research project relating to this group. Kasia’s research focusses on lone working experiences, support and educational needs of healthcare assistants providing palliative care in community. Her aim is to provide data for further improvements and developments of practice. She’s also a passionate runner and busy mum.


Sun 30th Jan - 5:00 pm

Out of Hours: Palliative + End of Life Care in the Community