Katarzyna (Kasia) Patynowska is a Research Nurse in Marie Curie Northern Ireland. She joined the charity in 2010 as a community nurse working across various services and teams, before moving to the Practice Development Facilitator role in 2017 and then to Research Nurse role in 2021.

Kasia supported clinical staff for a number of years, but it was her clinical experience during the pandemic which inspired her to undertake the first research project which led to a new career pathway. Her research focuses on support and training needs of lone working healthcare assistants providing palliative care in community.

In her role as Research Nurse she works within multidisciplinary teams of practitioners, academics and policy makers, helping to provide the evidence and deliver impact. She is supporting number of research projects relating to wellbeing of patients, their informal carers and palliative care staff.

In 2022 Kasia received the Susie Wilkinson Award in recognition for making significant personal progress in the development of her research capacity. Kasia is a recipient of Pre-doctoral Fellowship Award and is currently developing her PhD proposal. Kasia is an Acting Chair of the Early Career Researcher Forum Steering Committee in All Ireland Institute of Hospice and Palliative Care.


Wed 8th Feb - 13:30

A Spotlight On: Getting involved with palliative care research (workshop for practitioners)