Linda Magistris, Good Grief Speaker

We are thrilled to introduce Linda Magistris as the host and presenter of the Good Grief Festival 2020. Linda will be with us throughout the three-day event, introducing our diverse selection of grief lectures, talks, workshops and webinars.

Linda is the founder of The Good Grief Trust, and is a huge supporter of this Festival. Linda created The Good Grief Trust to support other bereaved people following the death of her partner Graham in 2014, who suffered from a rare form of cancer. Linda’s personal challenges with grief led her to realise that more could be done to bring UK bereavement services together to offer help and hope in one place.

The Trust’s vision is to bring all bereavement services together around the country. It seeks to ensure that anyone grieving under any circumstance can receive a choice of immediate support, tailored to their own personal experience, in order to help them to move forward with their lives.