Mark Hughes has terminal bone cancer. He has been living with cancer for 23 years, 10 of those with a terminal diagnosis.

Mark campaigned alongside Marie Curie UK’s #Scrap6Months Campaign for over 3 years, working to make access to benefits easier and quicker for people with a terminal illness. Today Mark is campaigning for anyone with a terminal diagnosis to be automatically fast-tracked to receive benefits.

Mark shares his experiences with us: “My wife Jane and I were failed appallingly by the Department for Work and Pensions when it came to applying for benefits. There was endless form-filling, even when not eligible for a specific benefit. Benefits were stopped without explanation. Benefits were stopped after home visits because I could wash and dress myself. And we had to go through a drawn out appeal system, all the while living with a terminal diagnosis.”



Mon 6th Feb - 1:30 pm

A spotlight on: Patient and Public Involvement in Research and Policy