Facilitator bio Mark Lemon

Mark Lemon is an award-winning children’s author, publisher and, most recently, podcaster. His father’s murder when Mark was a child turned his world upside down. Following a frank feature published in the Guardian, My Dad’s Murder Didn’t Break Me, Mark decided to draw upon his childhood trauma to publish his fifth children’s book, The Magical Wood.

This award-winning book, praised by families coping with grief, was written to help open up the difficult conversations around grief and death. In 2019, Mark launched his podcast aimed at children and young adults, Grief Is My Superpower. It ranked in iTunes’ Top 10 Health and Fitness Charts.

Mark is also hosting our Grief Chats as part of the wider festival.


Thu 1st Jan -

Grief Chat: Cancer

Thu 1st Jan -

Grief Chat: The Death of a Child

Thu 1st Jan -

Grief Chat: Death by Suicide

Jordan and Mike, Grief Chat on Baby Loss
Thu 1st Jan -

Grief Chat: Baby Loss

Thu 1st Jan -

Grief Chat: Making Space for Men to Grieve