“This overland trip across Africa is my way to stay connected with Jeroen, with his projects, with his mission.”

Nadja is the founder and director of Nadja Ensink – Teich, a coaching company focusing to help widowed moms to choose life after loss. Her husband Jeroen died in 2015 when their daughter Fleur was just 11 days old, moving Nadja to an unimaginably dark space. In this time after Jeroen’s death, Nadja committed to live the fullest life she could, for her and her daughter, “because I know life can stop, and at any second.”

Nadja’s husband Jeroen was a public health academic, dedicated humanitarian, and internationally-renowned water engineer committed to improving access to water and sanitation around the world. In Spring 2022, Nadja and Fleur set off on an overland journey through south and east Africa with their Land Rover. The plan is to visit projects and people Jeroen worked with in Tanzania, Mozambique, Malawi and South Africa. The two will also travel through Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia.

Through this overland journey, Nadja hopes to bring Fleur closer to the father she will never know in person and continue on her own path of bereavement.

“This is a way of keeping him alive. Because people only die when you stop talking about them.” 

Today, Nadja is a transformational grief and trauma coach who shows others how to move back to the light, combining the knowledge of coaching, NLP, Yoga Therapy, Breath Work, Touch of Matrix, and Meditation. She also works as a speaker on the subject of grief, courage, choice and resilience, showing and sharing with others how to embrace live again after an insufferable loss.

We kindly invite you to visit the LSHTM Jeroen Ensink Memorial Fund, a scholarship set up in Jeroen’s name.


Sat 29th Oct - 11:00

My Endless Love: Continuing Bonds + Relationships That Endure (LIVE EVENT)