Natasha Sackey (c) Azita Edwards

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Natasha is registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist, a Somatic Body Mapping Practitioner, a creative producer and facilitator.

She also coaches professional performing and recording artists in body and movement awareness. Natasha has a private practice and offers one-to-one and group therapy as well as creative therapeutic workshops and programmes.

Natasha works with adults, young people, children and parents especially those with neuro-diverse and/or complex needs. She develops innovative creative and therapeutic programmes for a range of educational, health, professional, community and art institutions.

Coming from a dance background, Natasha understands that often words aren’t enough to explain everything we feel. Her approach is conscientious of the somatic and embodied experience that clients can feel as they process the stories held in their minds and body, such as grief and loss.

She works in-depth using the medium of dance, embodied movement practices and psychotherapy to help you access your authentic self, shift perspective, and enhance your emotional and mental wellbeing.

Image (c) Azita Edwards

Natasha Sackey: Unlocking Grief Through Movement