Neil Morbey believes that we can use mindfulness and self enquiry to understand, befriend and cooperate with our minds.

Since 2014 he’s worked with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) tools and skills to help people heal past traumas, train their minds and become healthier and happier. He is the director of Positively Mindful.

Neil learned about mindfulness through rock climbing, partner dancing and ‘fooling’, which has led to his ‘playful’ approach in facilitating mindfulness groups and one-to-one coaching. His sessions are fun yet deeply touching, helping participants to reconnect with their authentic inner selves.


Wed 23rd Mar - 3:30 pm

Mindfulness for Grief – March 23rd

Sat 30th Oct - 11:00 am

Managing Grief with Mindfulness

Sun 31st Oct - 5:30 pm

Post-Festival Sharing Group