Peter’s wife Wendy died at the age of 54 from a glioblastoma after an illness of less than six months. Apart from hospital in-patient stays following the original debulking surgery, and later for pneumonia, Peter cared for Wendy in their home until her death. He felt there were severe shortcomings in the end-of-life care support provided to them during the last two weeks of her life.

Since then Peter has campaigned for better brain tumour treatments, honesty in communication of prognosis for terminal diseases, informed choice of treatment for cancer patients, improved access to psychological support for terminally ill patients and improved end of life care for terminally ill patients. 

He is currently involved as a Patient Advocate in fourteen research projects, both clinical trials and qualitative studies, and also with twelve local and national bodies involved in improving delivery of neuro-oncology services, cancer and end of life care.


Mon 6th Feb - 11:00

Conference Opening and Better Out of Hours Palliative and End of Life Care