Facilitator Robert Webb, Good Grief

Robert Webb is best known for his work in the Sony award-winning That Mitchell & Webb Sound and the Bafta award-winning That Mitchell & Webb Look, and as permanent man-boy Jeremy in the acclaimed Peep Show.

Watch Robert’s interview live online at 6pm on 31 October as part of Good Grief.

In 2017, his call-to-arms memoir How Not To Be a Boy was a number one Sunday Times bestseller. In Robert’s first novel, Come Again (2020), Kate’s husband Luke dies suddenly and her life falls apart. Kate wakes one day to find herself back on the day she first met Luke, though she knows how he’s going to die and that he’s actually already ill. If she can make them fall in love again, might she be able to save him? 

Robert has been a columnist for the Daily Telegraph and the New Statesman, and now lives in London with his wife and daughters.

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Sat 29th Oct - 9:00 am

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Sat 29th Oct - 9:00 am

Friendship, Memory + Grief: Making The Guy in the Luggage Rack

Robert Webb
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