Ronan O’Brien is a breathing and respiratory coach from Ireland. Ronan has great satisfaction and purpose in helping those in his company to become their own healers. To heal ourselves we must first become comfortable with ourselves and part of being comfortable with ourselves, is how much time & energy we commit to our personal growth (self love/worth). Breathwork is the most available, powerful and simple tool for self regulation and balance (homeostasis through our nervous system).

Breathing is the gateway to our nervous system and we are our nervous systems experiencing our interaction with life. Not all breathwork is the same, so it is important you find one that resonates and supports your journey back to balance.

Breathwave is a gentle unforced breath rhythm that allows the breather to feel comfortable without over trying to get results. Ronan has an enjoyable relaxed approach to supporting you back to your self through your own breath.


Sat 18th Mar - 09:00

Breathwork and grief