Sarah Stanley has a background in palliative care nursing since 2013, and has been involved in research since 2017. Sarah currently works in Marie Curie Hospice Liverpool as a research nurse. This role involves supporting research studies, recruitment to studies, co-ordinating journal club and supporting staff through the development of their hospice research culture.

In 2018 Sarah received the Susie Wilkinson Award in recognition for her own personal development in a research role. In 2019 Sarah represented the hospice as a finalist in the Clinical Research Nursing category at the Nursing Times Awards. In 2022 Sarah was shortlisted as research student of the year at the North West Coast Research and Innovation Awards, and represented the hospice which was shortlisted for the culture for innovation award.

Sarah has recently been awarded a Master of Research (MRes) with distinction and has developed a keen interest in research focused around digital legacy.

 Sarah is passionate about giving palliative patients and their carer’s the opportunity to be involved in research, and looking at ways to improve palliative care in the future.


Tue 7th Feb - 13:30

A Spotlight On: Digital interventions in palliative and end of life care

Wed 8th Feb - 13:30

A Spotlight On: Getting involved with palliative care research (workshop for practitioners)