Shalini Bhalla-Lucas is an award-winning author, entrepreneur, controversial widow, motivational speaker and the founder of Just Jhoom! She is also an accredited mindfulness and meditation teacher, sharing proven techniques to help combat stress, anxiety and depression.

Her books include Happiness! Is it simply a mindset shift?, Online Dating @ 40, and the Amazon bestseller, Always With You.

Shalini has taught dance and mindfulness all over the world and has had TV appearances on BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and the Kenya Television Network (KTN) as well as on numerous radio stations and podcasts.

She’s featured in HuffPost, RED magazine and Top Santé discussing physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing through dance and mindfulness. She is a radio presenter with a daily segment 5-Minute Mindfulness on KTN.

Shalini was an ambassador for the mental health charity MIND in the UK – campaigning for better mental health provision, addressing MPs in the UK Houses of Parliament.


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