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The Green Funeral Company, Rupert and Claire Callender (c) Steve Haywood

The Green Funeral Company

Rupert and Claire Callender, of The Green Funeral, have been radical undertakers for the past twenty years. They practice a complete undertaking and ceremonial service that draws upon diverse influences such as punk, rave, Quakerism and crop circles rather than the traditional religious faux Victoriana of the mainstream. Their approach led to their winning Funeral Director of the Year at The Good Funeral Guide in 2012.

Inspired by the natural death movement, itself beholden to counter-culture and further back to the ideas of radical dissent, Claire and Rupert have been outspoken critics of the funerals that most people experience. Instead, they offer a service that is based on honesty, appropriateness and participation.

Rupert and Claire have appeared in outlets from Vice to The Observer and have been featured in books and TV and radio documentaries. They visioned, set up and ran a natural burial site just outside Totnes on the Sharpham Trust Charity estate.

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