Good Grief Journal

Help us to evaluate Good Grief Festival


Please take part in our quick pre-Festival survey to help us understand who is attending Good Grief Festival. It takes under two minutes and you only need to complete it once, even if you attend multiple events. Take the two-minute survey here.

We have noticed that very few men are completing the evaluation! So if you’re a man, please help us correct that…

Evaluating the Festival’s reach and impact is incredibly important. Knowing a bit about who accessed the festival (and who didn’t) will enable us to develop Good Grief in the coming months and years. We’ll then be able to make sure that it serves the whole community, so that as many diverse groups of people as possible can benefit.

Tell us what you think

Your feedback on the Festival is crucial. It will help us understand the effects of Good Grief, as well as helping shape the Festival in the future. We’ll have a much better chance of securing future funding for Good Grief if as many people as possible take part in our evaluation process.     

There will be ways for you to tell us what you think during the Festival. Afterwards, a post-event survey and some focus groups will really help us explore people’s experiences of the Festival in more depth.

Many thanks for your support of Good Grief. To view all events and speakers or to download the full Festival Programme for 2020, return to our Home Page.