As we count down the days to Good Grief Festival 2021, we thought we’d recap on some of the content currently available to watch on The Grief Channel. Today we’re focusing on our most viewed Grief Channel talks on overcoming your fear of death.

Death is inevitable. For most people that’s a pretty terrifying prospect on its own. It’s a far more challenging topic to tackle when we or someone close to us is suddenly faced with death or the prospect of dying.

That’s why we’ve prepared a number of talks on the Grief Channel that broach the subject of death in an informative yet comforting way. These talks range from subjects of the afterlife, the taboos of how we talk about death and the insights given by the medical professionals working in palliative care.

Find a snippet of some of these events below and to watch them in full, sign up to the Grief Channel for a £20 one off payment which will give you access to all of this and so much more including recordings of all Good Grief Festival events.

Making Friends with Your Afterlife

This 90-minute long webinar is led by Henrietta Lang, a therapist with broad experience on the topics of death and dying. It begins with a short guided journey followed by shared reflections and thoughts.

Participants are given license to imagine life after death in a safe and creative way, hopefully connecting them to a deeper sense of what this means to them. As no-one can ‘know’ what this will be like, why not imagine and create a relationship with the afterlife, as our ancestors did?

Find it on The Grief Channel here.

Reflections on Death + Dying

Why do we struggle to talk about death and how does that keep us from living? Does our discomfort around death impact on society and health? In this session we join a conversation with oncologist, Sam Guglani, and palliative care doctors, Kathryn Mannix and Rachel Clarke, as they think about death and dying.

Over My Dead Body with Alice Roberts

In this session, Professor Alice Roberts and Dr John Troyer come together with progressive funeral director, Louise Winter, to discuss our relationship with dead bodies – both our own and those of others.

Rachel Clarke: A Doctor’s Story of Love and Loss

Dr Rachel Clarke is a physician specialising in end of life care. Her recent book, Dear Life: A Doctor’s Story of Love and Loss (2020) draws on her experiences of having spent many years working with people confronting death. It offers reflections on her career and on the importance of high-quality, compassionate palliative care.

In an intimate interview, hosted by Dr Lucy Selman (founding director of Good Grief), Dr Clarke discusses the importance of good end-of-life care, and how to live a good life. She also shares her own experiences of grief.

Good Grief Festival offers free virtual events, exploring the human experience of grief, taking place from 27th – 28th March 2021. Find out more and register your place on our website now – Good Grief Festival.