We are supporting The Good Grief Trust’s National Grief Awareness Week (Dec 2-8) by releasing recorded events from Good Grief Festival for a limited time. Today, the focus is on supporting children and young adults who have been bereaved. The videos below will be available to watch until December 15th.

Grief School: Childhood Bereavement

This Grief School panel discussion brings research experts together with people who lost a parent or other loved one as children. They discuss how this type of bereavement affected their lives and what support is now available for bereaved children in the UK.

Grief Chat: Growing Up with Grief (Zoe + Aisling)

In these informal Grief Chats, we bring together two people who have experienced the same kind of grief. In this Chat, we talk to two women who both lost their fathers in sudden and traumatic incidents when they were very young children with even younger siblings. Aisling and Zoe discuss the lifelong impact of losing a parent suddenly and the unique nature of growing up with your grief.

Grief Chat: Cancer (Ann + Olivia)

In these informal Grief Chats, we bring together two people who have experienced the same kind of grief. In this Chat, we talk to two people who have lost a loved one to cancer.

Olivia Ianniccheri’s mum died in July 2017. In October of the same year, Olivia’s dad was diagnosed with a Stage 4 glyoblastoma brain tumor. He sadly died in 2019. Olivia has now channelled her grief by sharing and writing about her experience on her Instagram page, The Big Grief.Ann (a.k.a. Instagram’s Grief Kid) has had her whole life entangled with cancer and grief. After losing her mum at 14 to secondary lung cancer, she struggled to find a space to talk about grief as a teenager. Ten years later, her brother passed away from bowel cancer. This time, she discovered much more support, a language to talk about death, and a way she could contribute to the grief community. Ann’s Instagram cartoon series explores different themes of grief. She encourages conversation and helps people feel less alone by exploring some of the less spoken about parts of grief.

Grief Chat: Grief Podcasts

Kathryn is behind the DPC Podcast: The Dead Parent Club. It’s designed to be the accessible friend for young people who have lost a parent prematurely. Up to 7% of children in the UK children will lose a parent before age 16, yet reliable support and resources can be limited and hard to find. Since losing her mum to cancer in 2015, Kathryn dedicates her time to supporting young adults struggling with their grief.

Amber is a podcaster and co-founder of The Grief Safe Space. Amber’s mum died of a heart attack when she was 19-years-old, and Amber went on to create The Grief Gang, a podcast whose strapline is, ‘Welcome to the gang…the one you never asked to be a part of.’

Your host is Mark Lemon, the writer and podcaster behind the five-star rated podcast series, Grief is my Superpower.

There are 60 recorded events from Good Grief Festival now available to watch on The Grief Channel. On-demand access is £20 for 1 year.