Watch Good Grief This weekend


The Grief Channel contains a huge catalogue of content from over 150 speakers, all united by one topic – grief. We’ve rounded up 5 of the best talks on the platform that focus on the universal experience of coping with grief. We’ve had some brilliant talks on this topic, from Julia Samuel MBE looking at the effect of grief and crisis on all members of the family, to a panel of industry experts discussing the ‘right’ way to grieve, to how nature plays a part in the healing process.

1. Julia Samuel: Coping with Grief + Crisis

What is grief, and how can you support an individual and their family when someone they love dies? Psychotherapist, Founder Patron of Child Bereavement UK and author, Julia Samuel MBE, talks with our presenter, Milly Chowles, about how best to understand grief.

In this talk, Julia looks at the impact that grief can have on all members of the family, including children. She introduces ways of coping with grief and crisis and offers insight into how you can help those experiencing bereavement.

2. Am I Grieving Right?

There is no one correct way to grieve, with as many ways to express grief as there are bereaved people. One misconception is that there are defined ‘stages’ of grief that everyone goes through – and goes through in the same order.

In our ‘Am I Grieving Right?’ panel, our grief experts come together to bust some classic myths surrounding grief, seeking to enlighten us in the process. We look at ways in which people express their feelings following a loss, at the lasting impact that grief can have, and at how we can grieve ‘well’.

3. The Healing Power of Nature in Grief

Nature has an incredible ability to comfort and heal. Immersing ourselves in the natural world can offer peace and enable us to confront, and move through, our grief. It can help us connect to something bigger, and allow us to see the world, our lives, and ourselves in new ways.

This Grief Channel discussion features authors Long Litt Woon, Sarah Jane Douglas and Christopher Somerville as they discuss how nature has played a part in their grieving journeys.

4. Feel Into It: Yoga to Explore Feelings

Join this online Yoga Workshop from the comfort of your own home. Stress and grief are often held in the body. In these sessions, experienced yoga teacher Pip Roberts uses breathing, gentle movements and rest to allow your physical and emotional tensions to release.

Pip is founder of Now Yoga Studio (Bristol). Join her for this exploration into the felt senses as we move and breathe and ‘be’ with whatever is there within our skin and lungs. Expect to take some time to feel your way into fuller breathing, practicing slow movements then relaxing into a deep rest to finish.

5. The Grief Gift

 Grief can be a powerful catalyst for change. In this conversation, our panellists discuss finding new purpose and meaning after losing someone dear. Many people turn their loss into something that will benefit others, with grief becoming a driving force in their efforts to make the world a better place.

Join Linda Magistris, founder of The Good Grief Trust, and her guests; Dr Rachel Clarke, a physician who works in palliative care with the NHS and author, illustrator Gary Andrews and psychological/ spiritual teacher and TedX Talk-er, Sophie Sabbage in this insightful talk. Find a snippet below and watch the whole event on The Grief Channel.

Good Grief Festival offers free virtual events, exploring the human experience of grief, taking place from 27th – 28th March 2021. Find out more and register your place on our website now – Good Grief Festival.