Julia Samuel’s Pillars of Strength

We are delighted to present this very special online course with Julia Samuel – one of the UK’s leading psychotherapists and the bestselling author of This Too Shall Pass and Grief Works.

The 8 Pillars of Strength has been designed by Julia to offer a system of support that can help you every single day.

This course is a roadmap for dealing with all kinds of grief and loss – whether someone you love has died, or you are dealing with a living loss like the end of a relationship, losing your job or a health crisis.

Developed through years of client work and research, Julia’s Pillars of Strength will help you to survive, and even thrive, through life’s inevitable highs and lows.


The 8 Webinars with Julia will Cover:


Julia Samuel’s Pillars of Strength

The full course costs just £20 and numbers are limited. Course dates are June 22 to November 4th. All live events with Julia will be available to watch back on-demand after broadcast for everyone who has registered for the course. This course is not included in The Grief Channel subscription.