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It’s the third and final day of the inaugural Good Grief Festival. And what a Festival it’s been! Many of our individual online events are tipping four-figure audiences, meaning we’re reaching many thousands of people who are trying to process, understand and live with grief. Here are some of Sunday’s highlights, running from 09:30 until 19:00.
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Join one of the Festival’s most popular events today, The Healing Power of Nature in Grief. Comedians Alexa and Jen then discuss Laughing through Grief, and doctor and author Dr Rachel Clarke (pictured above) joins us to discuss A Doctor’s Story of Love and Loss. Illustrator Gary Andrews (aka @GaryScribbler) has been an invaluable contributor to the Festival – meet him at the Finding Joy session at 10:00. The Festival will conclude with Kaptin Barrett interviewing band members of Tunng about their album, Dead Club at 18:00.


Today opens with our second session of Yoga to Explore Feelings with Pip Roberts – which was a huge hit and an emotional release yesterday for everyone involved. Tune in for insightful lectures on Grief in Film and Grief in Literature, or meet Dr John Troyer as he explores the role of tattoos and grief in The Human Memorial. The Grief Gift investigates how people find new meaning after loss, or tune in for a panel discussion with writers and doctors, as they share Reflections on Death and Dying.


Watch our intimate Grief Chats and broader Grief School panel discussions at your leisure (until 7pm this evening). Topics include losing loved ones to substance misuse, trauma, dementia and suicide; losing a pet; baby loss and the death of a child; and being bereaved in specific ways such as knife crime, sepsis or cancer. The Festival concludes with Kaptin Barrett interviewing band members of Tunng about their album, Dead Club.
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