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If you enjoyed our events, a year-long subscription to The Grief Channel will get you on-demand access to 60+ hours of content from Good Grief Festival 2020 and soon 40+ hours of content from Good Grief Festival 2021 for just £20. You’ll also get access to The Grief School featuring regular monthly events with Julia Samuel and others, and a huge catalogue of talks, workshops and webinars which you can filter to provide you with relevant content specific to your experience of grief or bereavement. And, most importantly, you’ll be funding future Good Grief events! All events from Good Grief (March 27th and 28th) will be available with captions from Friday, April 2nd.

Welcome to The Grief School where you will find 60+ hours of on-demand content including talks, webinars and workshops recorded at previous Good Grief festivals and events. You can choose the events that relate specifically to your experience by using the filter below. We hope you find wisdom, comfort and, hopefully, some healing at The Grief School.

Julia Samuels MBE, Good Grief

The Best of Julia Samuel’s Advice on Grief

Facilitator Cariad LLoyd, Good Grief

The Dead Parent Club with Cariad Lloyd

Robert Webb

Robert Webb

Am I Grieving Right?

Reflections on the Death of a Partner

Reflections on the Fear of Death

Reflections on the Death of a Sibling

Reflections on the Death of a Parent

Models of Grief Event

Psychological Models of Grief

Julia Samuel on The Death of a Parent

Julia Samuel on the Death of a Sibling

Ask Julia – The Death of a Life Partner

Grief Chat Aisling and Zoe

Grief Chat: Growing up with Grief

Grief Chat: Cancer

Grief Chat: Laughing Through Grief

Tunng Dead Club, Good Grief Event

Tunng Presents…Dead Club

Is This The Age of Grief?

We're all going to die, and that's OK

Over My Dead Body with Professor Alice Roberts

Grieving for Justice

The Grief Gift – Finding Meaning After Loss

Facilitator Rachel Clarke (c) Laura Gallant

Rachel Clarke: A Doctor’s Story of Love and Loss

The Healing Power of Nature in Grief

Creating Meaningful Funerals + Memorial Ceremonies

Facilitator Julia Samuel

Julia Samuel: When the Worst Happens – Coping with Grief + Crisis

Grief Chat: Sepsis

Grief Chat: Losing a Child

Grief Chat: Death by Suicide

Jordan and Mike, Grief Chat on Baby Loss

Grief Chat: Baby Loss

Grief Chat: Knife Crime

Empty Bed Blues – Losing a Life Partner

Grief at the Kitchen Table

Life’s Questions – Talking to young people about grief

The Art of Pilgrimage – Going Back to Move Forward

How to Support Someone Who’s Bereaved

Finding a Language for Grief, image of Josh

Grief School: The Death of a Child

Grief School: Delayed Grief

Grieving During Covid-19

George Floyd, Grief for Justice

Grief School: Traumatic Loss

Grief School: Life-Threatening Illness Diagnosis

Grief School: Childhood Bereavement

Grief School: Dementia + Loss

Grief School: Pet Loss

Reflections on Death + Dying: Rachel Clarke, Kathryn Mannix + Sam Guglani

Grief Chats: Podcasts – Talking About Grief

Grief School: Substance Misuse

Grief Chat: Making Space for Men to Grieve

The Covid Cataclysm – How do we Grieve for ‘Normal’?

Finding Joy with Gary Andrews

Making Friends with your Afterlife, feather image

Making Friends With Your Afterlife

Digital Death, Online Afterlife

Writing Memoir to Heal with Nikesh Shukla

Climate Grief image of dead coral

Grieving for our Planet

Self-Counselling Through Art

Grief in Film

Grief School: Suicide

Grief in Literature

Good Grief Bristol Opening Ceremony

The Philosophy of Grief

The Human Memorial – Tattoos and Grief

Grief School: Stillbirth

Writing Poetry for Lost Loved Ones

Fertility grief workshop

Grief School: Infertility and Baby Loss

Grief in Shakespeare

Grief in Shakespeare

The Dual Process Model of Grief