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Grief School

Some people believe there are as many as 44 different types of grief. At our Grief School, we’ll be delving in to some of the ways we experience loss, so we can help people to better understand the nature of grief.

Each session will be facilitated by a bereavement organisation and will feature academic researchers or authors, as well as ‘experts through experience’: people who have been personally affected by each type of bereavement or loss, who will share their insights.

Grief School events will be available to view from 09:00 on Friday, October 30th until 19:00 on Sunday, November 1st. After the festival, recordings of all Grief School sessions will be available on demand via The Grief Channel. Sign up now and pay £20 to access all recorded content from the festival for three years.

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Finding a Language for Grief, image of Josh

Grief School: The Death of a Child

Grief School: Delayed Grief

Grief School: Grieving During Covid-19

George Floyd, Grief for Justice

Grief School: Traumatic Loss

Grief School: Life-Threatening Illness Diagnosis

Grief School: Childhood Bereavement

Grief School: Dementia + Loss

Grief School: Pet Loss

Grief School: Substance Misuse

Muslim perspectives on grief and bereavement

Grief School: Muslim Grief + Bereavement

Grief School: Suicide

Grief School: Stillbirth

Fertility grief workshop

Grief School: Infertility and Baby Loss

Grief School: The Dual Process Model of Grief