The Grief School

Welcome to The Grief School in partnership with Cruse Bereavement Support.

We know that understanding grief, your grief, your feelings and relating to other peoples experiences of being bereaved can help navigate this painful journey. So we have for you 60+ hours of on-demand content including talks, webinars and workshops recorded at previous Good Grief festivals and events. You can choose the events that relate specifically to your experience, by using the filter below, or watch whatever you feel is right and interests you.

We hope these films provide comfort, insight and understanding and that you feel more supported and less alone in your grief.



Julia Samuel: When the Worst Happens – Coping with Grief + Crisis

Reflections on Death + Dying with Rachel Clarke, Kathryn Mannix + Sam Guglani

Michael Rosen + Julia Samuel in Conversation

Everything We’ve Learned About Life + Living from Death + Dying

David Kessler: Finding Meaning – The Sixth Stage of Grief

Alice Roberts, Chair, Good Grief Bristol

Over My Dead Body with Professor Alice Roberts

Robert Webb

Robert Webb on the Death of a Parent

Guvna B – The Loss Tapes

Julia Samuel on The Guilt Monster: Grief’s Complicated Sidekick

Nikesh Shukla (c) Jon Aitken 2021

Writing Memoir to Heal with Nikesh Shukla

Finding Hope + Meaning Beyond Covid-19

The Pandemic Papers: Rachel Clarke on Fear, Courage + Crisis in the NHS

Julia Samuel: Grief After a Sudden Death

Katherine May: The Power of Rest + Retreat in Difficult Times

R Neimeyer bop pic

Robert Neimeyer: Finding Meaning in Grief

Liz Gleeson bio pic

Liz Gleeson: What Grief Does to the Body

Julia Samuel: Creative Psychotherapy Tools for Grief

Julia Samuel on The Death of a Parent

Julia Samuel on the Death of a Sibling

Julia Samuel on the Death of a Life Partner

Finding a Language for Grief, image of Josh

Julia Samuel on the Death of a Child

Grief Chat Aisling and Zoe

Grief Chat: Growing up with Grief

Grief Chat: Cancer

Grief Chat: The Death of a Child

Grief Chat: Death by Suicide

Jordan and Mike, Grief Chat on Baby Loss

Grief Chat: Baby Loss

Grief School: Delayed Grief

George Floyd, Grief for Justice

Grief School: Traumatic Loss

Grief School: Life-Threatening Illness Diagnosis

Grief School: Childhood Bereavement

Grief School: Dementia + Loss

Grief School: Pet Loss

Grief School: Substance Misuse

Grief Chat: Making Space for Men to Grieve

Climate Grief image of dead coral

Grieving for our Planet

Grief School: Suicide

Grief School: Stillbirth

Fertility grief workshop

Grief School: Infertility and Baby Loss

The Dual Process Model of Grief