Marie Curie

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Sun 30th Jan - 5:00 pm

Out of Hours: Palliative + End of Life Care in the Community

Facilitator Dr Kathryn Mannix, Good Grief Bristol
Mon 31st Jan - 12:00 pm

Are We Ready for Conversations about Death + Dying?

Tue 1st Feb - 12:00 pm

Financial Insecurity at the End of Life

Wed 2nd Feb - 12:00 pm

Mental Health + Wellbeing: New Ways of Supporting People Affected by Death, Dying + Bereavement

Thu 3rd Feb - 12:00 pm

Bereavement: Experiences of Carers, Family and Services

Fri 4th Feb - 12:00 pm

Challenging Inequity in Palliative and End of Life Care