Live-Streamed Talks + Interviews

Welcome to our programme of talks and interviews kindly sponsored by Marie Curie. Here, you’ll find a diverse line-up of interviews with household names like Ruby Wax; panel talks with experts like Julia Samuel and Kathryn Mannix; events looking at grief in pop culture and Grief Chats between two guests who have both experienced the same type of bereavement or loss. 


All Fri Oct 29th Sat Oct 30st Sun Oct 31st On-demand


Ruby Wax in Conversation with Julia Samuel

Kathryn Mannix on How to Have Life Changing Conversations

From Woods to Water: How Nature Holds us in our Darkest Times

What’s Your Grief? Models + Theories of Grief

Seeing Red: The Role of Anger in Grief with Julia Samuel

June + Omar: Disenfranchised Grief + LGBTQ Bereavement

Robert Macfarlane: The Poetry + Music of Loss

The Superhero’s Guide to Grief

Jess + Adam: Miscarriage – The Silent Loss

My Grief Story

We're all going to die, and that's OK

The Dead Parent Club with Julia Samuel

Raynor Winn on The Salt Path and The Wild Silence

Am I Grieving Right?

Fright Night: Grief in Horror

The Secrets + Lies We Leave Behind with Julia Samuel

Dr Rola + Afraa: Fleeing Home – Loss of Life as we Know it

The Comfort of the Big Beyond: Grief + Spirituality

Empty Bed Blues: The Death of a Life Partner

Jess + Carrie: Dementia + Anticipatory Grief

#UGiveHope Celebration

The Loneliness of Grief

Serious Illness: Grieving for a Life Interrupted


Remember Me Well

Young Emerging Leaders Collective