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Good Grief Festival will explore the many faces of grief for the first time this October (30th to November 1st), reaching thousands of people all over the world. Broadcast from a studio in Bristol, Good Grief will include 70 events exploring the universal human experience of grief through panel discussions, conversations, interactive workshops and webinars.

Over 100 speakers will take part including Robert Webb (Peep Show, That Mitchell + Webb Look), Cariad Lloyd (GriefCast), Julia Samuel (This Too Shall Pass, Grief Works), chef and food writer Valentine Warner (The Consolation of Food), best-selling author Nikesh Shukla (The Good Immigrant, Brown Baby), BBC anthropologist Alice Roberts, illustrator Gary Andrews (Doodle-A-Day) and palliative care doctors Rachel Clarke (Dear Life: A Doctor’s Story of Love and Loss) and Kathryn Mannix (With the End in Mind).

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Facilitator Cariad LLoyd, Good Grief

The Dead Parent Club with Cariad Lloyd

Tunng Dead Club, Good Grief Event

Tunng Presents…Dead Club

Robert Webb

Is This The Age of Grief?

We're all going to die, and that's OK

Over My Dead Body with Alice Roberts

Am I Grieving Right?

Grieving for Justice

The Grief Gift – Finding Meaning After Loss

Facilitator Rachel Clarke (c) Laura Gallant

Rachel Clarke: A Doctor’s Story of Love and Loss

The Healing Power of Nature in Grief

Creating Meaningful Funerals + Memorial Ceremonies

Facilitator Julia Samuel

Julia Samuel: When the Worst Happens – Coping with Grief + Crisis

Empty Bed Blues – Losing a Life Partner

Grief at the Kitchen Table

Life’s Questions – Talking to young people about grief

The Art of Pilgrimage – Going Back to Move Forwards

How to Support Someone Who’s Bereaved

Reflections on Death + Dying: Rachel Clarke, Kathryn Mannix + Sam Guglani

Making Friends with your Afterlife, feather image

Making Friends with your Afterlife (Sunday)

Nikesh Shukla (c) Jon Aitken

Nikesh Shukla

Valentine Warner

Virtual Choir to Remember Lost Loved Ones

The Covid Cataclysm – How do we Grieve for ‘Normal’?

Facilitator, Stuart Lawrence, Good Grief Bristol

Stuart Lawrence

Finding Joy with Gary Andrews

Making Friends with your Afterlife, feather image

Making Friends With Your Afterlife (Friday)

Digital Death, Online Afterlife

Facilitator Gary Andrews (c) Noelle Vaughn Photography

Gary Andrews

Writing Memoir to Heal with Nikesh Shukla

Alice Roberts, Chair, Good Grief Bristol

Professor Alice Roberts

Music, grief and healing around the world

The Language of Loss: Poetry, Storytelling and Music

Facilitator Olivia Potts, Good Grief Bristol

Olivia Potts

Climate grief workshop

The Work That Reconnects: Confronting Climate Grief

Good Grief Pop up cafes

Good Grief Trust – Pop-Up Grief Cafe

Climate Grief image of dead coral

Grieving for our Planet

Self-Counselling Through Art

Grief in Film

Grief in Literature

Good Grief Bristol Opening Ceremony

The Philosophy of Grief

The Human Memorial – Tattoos and Grief

Virginia Woolf and the Literature of Loss

Writing Poetry for Lost Loved Ones

Grief in Shakespeare

Grief in Shakespeare

Death Cafe image of a rose, God Grief

Death Café – Saturday

Yoga for Grief

Feel Into It: Yoga to Explore Feelings (Saturday)

Yoga for Grief

Feel Into It: Yoga to Explore Feelings (Sunday)