What’s On

Good Grief events are now taking place more regularly, with a programme of one-day mini-festivals spread out over the year. Each mini-festival has its own theme with speakers and events built around that theme.

Our next festival looking at how grief affects family relationships is on December 3rd.

Events with (LIVE) included in the title of the talk are live webinars for which you must register. “On-demand” talks are available to watch at your convenience on the respective event’s page on the day of the festival.

Sat 3rd Dec - 10:00 am

Bereavement: The Family Stress Test (LIVE)

Sat 3rd Dec - 12:00 pm

Julia + Amber: Coping with Grief during the Holidays (LIVE)

Sat 3rd Dec - 3:00 pm

Family Portraits: How Families Are Transformed by Grief (LIVE)

Sat 3rd Dec - 9:00 am

The Secrets + Lies We Leave Behind with Julia Samuel

Sat 3rd Dec - 9:00 am

Grieving Complicated Relationships

Sat 3rd Dec - 9:00 am

Every Family Has a Story: Julia Samuel Virtual Book Launch

Sat 3rd Dec - 9:00 am

Ruby Wax in Conversation with Julia Samuel

Sat 3rd Dec - 9:00 am

June + Omar: Disenfranchised Grief + LGBTQ Bereavement

Sat 3rd Dec - 9:00 am

Siddharth Shanghvi: Grieving Multiple Losses 

Sat 3rd Dec - 9:00 am

What Harry Potter Teaches us about Grief

Sat 3rd Dec - 9:00 am

Grief at the Kitchen Table

Mon 6th Feb - 11:00 am

The Marie Curie Virtual Research Conference 2023